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The Trust for Deaf Studies began its work in 1984. The main principles are still the same as when it began:

communication and understanding - the attempt to enhance and improve the quality of deaf people's lives and their contribution to society.

The Trust focused on the application of research:

Research plays a vital role in discovering deaf people's needs and finding solutions. DST carries out this research and makes it available to Deaf people through video, DVD, in conferences and workshops and online.

The Trust has gradually expanded its activities and has maintained an excellent record of support for new projects. Research has been seen as the key to progress in the field.

The main aim of the Trust is to increase communication between Deaf people and the community through respect and participation. Deaf staff are central to the working of the Trust.

The advent of new technologies enables remote communication by deaf people, via text communicators and, more recently, videophones. The possibilities for mobile videophones are enormous. In all three areas the Deaf Studies Trust is making active contributions.

Most recently DST has taken on a project on Deafblind people and this has posed challenges for the Deaf community and has greatly enriched the Trust itself. Further work has been carried out on Deaf access to Legal Services and to Health Services - both turn out to be areas where there should be major concerns about the longer term impact on Deaf and hard of hearing people.

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