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This page contains downloadable documents usually linked from another page.

Note: some of the documents on this page are in PDF format. In order to view a PDF you will need Adobe Reader

  1. DST response to DWP market review (PDF, 0.9M)
  2. Lost Spaces Report (PDF, 2M)
  3. Bold Shield Report June 2015 (PDF, 1.2M)
  4. Deaf Health Executive Report (pdf, 147k)
  5. Deaf Health Main Report Part 1 (PDF, 1.2M)
  6. Total Conversation Cymru (pdf, 493k)
  7. REACH112 Executive Report UK (pdf, 274k)
  8. REACH112 Evaluation Report (PDF, 1.9M)
  9. REACH112 Appendix to Evaluation Report (PDF, 2.2M)
  10. Stepping Stones: Families with Deaf Children (pdf, 671k)
  11. Legal Choices: Deaf and hard of hearing people's experience of the legal system (pdf, 687k)
  12. DeafBlind Worlds Report (PDF, 753k)
  13. DeafBlind Worlds Report - Large print version (PDF, 800k)
  14. BSL Access in Scotland (PDF, 1.3M)
  15. WISDOM's final project report summary (PDF, 22k)
  16. Deaf Parents and their Hearing Children (PDF, 38k)
  17. Elderly Deaf People (PDF, 90k)
  18. Switched On (PDF, 110k)

Annual Review

The below list contains various Annual Reviews you can download.

Research Publications of the Trust

There have been a range of publications of the Trust relating to the Projects undertaken in Deafness and Acquired Hearing Loss. There are a selection:

1990: BSL Development: Final Report
1990: Deafness and Sign Language into the 1990's
1992: Hearing Less Instruction: Adult Education and Acquired Hearing Loss
1992: Switched On: Deaf People's Views of Television Subtitling, Report to BBC/ITC
1998: Mental Health and Deafness, Final Report to Dept of Health/Sign
2000: SignWorks - final report to DTI
2000: Deaf People in the Community - Demography (available from Forest Bookshop)
2001: Deaf People in the Community - Health and Disability (available from Forest Bookshop)

For more information write to:

Hilary Sutherland
Deaf Studies Trust
Vassall Centre
Gill Aveniue
Bristol BS16 2QQ

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