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Stepping Stones

Creating a family of Services for Deaf children in the South West of England

October 2007 to May 2008

Prepared by Jim Kyle (Deaf Studies Trust), Tim Williamson (BANES PCT) and Mick Canavan (Family Centre for Deaf Children)


Stepping Stones is designed to collect and present a set of data concerning services for families of Deaf children in the South West of England by

The report will be used as the basis of a planned integrated and family focused development for the South West region of England.


Following a series of meetings beginning in 2005, a group of parents, professionals and researchers, have agreed on the objective of creating an integrated family-focused and family-led set of services for deaf children and their families in the South West Region of England.  This objective draws heavily on the experience of the East 17 and North West Region EEP projects and the Family Centre in Bristol.
This overall aim needs to be operationalised and presented in a manageable form, which can ultimately lead to an effective implementation.  The current range of service providers have to be consulted, their services described.  Parents in the region, as they move up the “ladder of participation” have to be consulted and involved.  The scope of existing programmes elsewhere in the UK and abroad need to be detailed. 
This necessary research work can be conducted in a relatively short period of time in order that a coherent plan can be brought forward to the benefit of parents across the region. 
There are four aspects:

The data has been collected and is in the process of being analysed.  A final report is due in May 2008.



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