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The DeaSign Deaff Studies Trust (DST) is a national charity set up in 1984 for the benefit of the Deaf community in the UK. It aims to apply research-based knowledge to practical issues for Deaf children and adults. It works also with hard of hearing adults.

Our work spans a considerable range from local small scale consultation to large scale national and multinational projects. We work often in partnership with other organisations. Our way of working keeps overheads low and the Trust does not seek to accumulate profits nor to retain large amounts in the bank but rather to engage in specific projects according to precise workplans.

Research is very important in discovering Deaf people's needs and finding solutions. DST does not give grants but competes for tenders and receives support for different projects which we carry out in the UK.

Since 1984 we have had innovative projects with babies, children, young adults, Deaf people in the workplace and with elderly Deaf people. Recently we have specialised in community research, Deaf blind issues and in video telephony and relay services. We also provide training to professionals in Deaf awareness and sign language.

All of our research projects have Deaf people working on them.

DST is also Deaf-led with a Deaf Chair and a majority of Deaf trustees.

On this website, you will find information on the aims of the Trust, the past and present work of the Trust, its Annual Report, publications and links to partner organisations and relevant Deaf sites. You will find news and information. Please contact us with comments and questions which you may have.