Research Reports

You can download the pdf of the research report

Lost Spaces 2016 – loss of deaf club – impact on deaf community

Bold Shield Project 2015 – collaborative work on delivering video contact and information for those people with learning disabilities

Deaf Health 2012-2014 –
Executive report
Full Report – Part 1 – analysis of the health assessments of 300 deaf people
Full Report Part 2 – Interviews and Workshops

DeafBlind Words 2012. Interviews with people who are deaf and blind   
Large print version.

Legal Choices -Silent Processes. 2012. Deaf and hard of hearing experiences with the legal system  

REACH112 – Executive Report UK – 2009-2012.
REACH 112 – Evaluation Report 2012

Stepping Stones Report  2009 – provision for families of deaf children 

Sign on Europe 1998 – Survey of all countries in the European Union on the status of sign language

Elderly Deaf People 1997 – Interviews

Switched On Summary 1993 – research on subtitles with large group of hard of hearing and interviews with deaf

TC-Cymru Report 2014 – extension of REACH112 video relay service to Wales using myFriend software

TC-Cap – Total Conversation Caption -2018 – project to develop software for automatic speech recognition for telephone calls.

WISDOM summary 2005 – EU project to develop video services online and in 3G networks

Changing the Community 2001 – examination of the development of interpreter training and the impact on the deaf community.

DCDS – Deaf children Developing Sign 1998  – report to Leverhulme on early acquisition of BSL in deaf children in deaf families

Gesture to Sign and Speech. 1989 revised 2001  – Report to ESRC on very early development of signing in infants and young children.

Sign Questions in School  1994  – internal project report at CDS

SignWorks 2000 – implementation of videophones in deaf businesses