Deaf Be-Friends

(BSL Version here )

Thinking about the new deaf community … at home, not at the club or the pub….  Do you have someone to sign to?  Is there someone you can reach out to?
Are you fed up waiting for organisations to support deaf people who have to stay at home?
We are.
It is time for deaf people to take back control.
Don’t wait …
Use your contact list of your friends…
Maybe already on your smartphone.
Common sense… Start calling them.  Make contact.  How are you?  How is the family?
Just obvious chat.  Makes everyone feel better and safer…
If every deaf person calls even just four people … not just local ….anywhere in the country … it will have a huge impact.

Text them
Facetime them
Skype them
Whatsapp them

Just do it
And keep doing it until you can start to meet up again.

Lots of people are lonely
Lots of people live alone
Lots live with hearing people who can’t sign
Just Call
And soon the calls will come back to you

It is a new deaf community

Just do it! DEAF BE-FRIENDS!