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Deafblind Worlds

DeafBlind Worlds was a project set up in 2004 with funding from the Big Lottery and which brought together Sense (the Deaf Blind Charity) and Deaf Studies Trust (a research charity working on Deaf issues).

Our aim was to meet with Deafblind people and with Deaf people to talk about their experiences and hopes for the future. We believed that there are similarities between the two groups and that they may be able to work together more closely.

What we found was unexpected and gives us a much better idea of how Deafblind people understand themselves and what they want for the future.

In this short report, we will tell you about the project, the people involved and the results from Deaf people and Deafblind people.

We will give you our conclusions and recommendations.

We hope you find it interesting.

You can download a summary of the report using the two links below.

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