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Research Projects

The Deaf Studies Trust is a research-led charity.

It carries out innovative research and development projects with external funding and special contracts. It does not have an internal budget and is not able to fund projects from its own reserves. DST has managed large scale projects with value over £400k but also accepts small scale commissions (down to £3k) for targeted research.

It aims to keep overheads as low as is consistent with good management and support. Its policy is to avoid the accumulation of large amounts of money but rather its priority is to ensure that all available funds are put to use in research and other activities which promote knowledge of the Deaf community and develop skills amongst those who are linked to Deaf people.

DST co-operates with other agencies in research, and a great deal of the work is carried out in partnership with academic and commercial organisations.

The primary focus has been and will continue to be, the Deaf community.

You can find out more about individual projects by clicking on the links below: