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DPIC II - Deaf People in the Community (Part II)
September 2001 - September 2002

The Community Fund (the operating name of the National Lottery Charities Board) granted L88,601 for a one-year project to extend the impact of DPIC.

This project extension has three purposes:

  1. To complete the picture of Deaf Lifestyle in the year 2001. This is achieved by interviewing the established sample of 240 Deaf people once more to determine aspects of health, behaviour, culture and language.
  2. To set up 10 regional meetings for Deaf people to disseminate the project result
  3. To produce a video documentary programme in BSL for Deaf people. The programme will focus on Deaf Lifestyle and will be presented in British Sign Language.

DST needs to tell Deaf people about the results and make them aware of their own community lifestyle. This will be done through regional meetings with supporting video materials. The DPIC team will travel around the UK to give talks about these different topics.

DST will also make BSL documentary on video to give deaf people a complete picture of the project results.

The video will include:

DPIC staff

Alexandra Dury - Project Leader

Alexy was born Deaf and is proficient in British Sign Language. She worked with the previous DPIC project. Alexy is managing the project in all its aspects, including budget control, and has responsibility for the DPIC team and representatives.

Sarah Bailey - Project Secretary

Sarah trained as an interpreter at the Centre for Deaf Studies in the University of Bristol. She will support the DPIC team in all aspects of the work, contacting the representatives, arranging the training weekends for the representatives and dealing with all administrative work.

Data Officer to be appointed in January 2002

The data officer will be responsible for the input and analysis of the new and previous data. He or she will also prepare reports and illustrations for use in the regional meetings, and will finalise the report of the data analysis for publication.

Video Officer to be appointed in January 2002

The video officers main duties will be planning, scripting and filming a BSL documentary to explain the project and its results. This will also include editing, compressing and preparing the material for CD/DVD and for video tape. He or she will also be responsible for duplicating and supplying the finished video.

240 Interviewees

DPIC selected a representative sample of 240 Deaf people to match the hearing population of the UK through gender, age, employment, location, ethnic group, marital status. They are Deaf, BSL users. They will are interviewed face-to-face by regional representatives (Deaf Interviewers). The interviews will take place in February and March 2002.

Regional Representatives (Interviewers)

There are 18 DPIC interviewers, as know as regional representatives. Their main duties are to interview 240 interviewees, and to assist in arranging regional meetings.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group make a vital contribution to the conduct of the project. They are people who have expertise in fields such as Deaf culture, health, and video-production. The steering group will meet every three months to advise the DPIC team.

Project Timetable



Project started


Questionnaire Design
Pilot and Confirmation
Video Programme planning



Data and Video Officer appointed.


Representatives training sessions weekend and start of interviews.


Interviews complete


Regional meetings in UK


Data analysis and documentary-making complete


Project completed

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